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Bubble TV meets the Management Society

In many countries student societies have a long tradition. This also holds true for the University of St Andrews, where more than 150 student societies are active. These range from academic (i.e. ‘Art History’) to fun and geek societies (i.e. ‘Wargaming & Roleplaying’). The last year I was working on the committee of The Management … Continue reading

St Andrews: The Ripple Effect

A few days back a fellow computer science student at St. Andrews asked me “you want to own the world don’t you?” It took me a few seconds to realize that it was a poke towards management studies. Sometimes you are stuck in a quicksand, questioning your raison d’être : the harder you fight, the … Continue reading

Book review: Guns, Germs and Steel

Were you ever asked to write a book review, for example during high school or university? The first assignment I had to work on in St Andrews was a critical book review and I spent a considerable amount of time researching how to actually write such a review. I came to the conclusion that there … Continue reading

Uncensored, contemporary academic insights from St Andrews

Almost a year has passed since I applied for the Masters in International Business at the University of St Andrews. I remember it was raining heavily while I was working on the cover letter for my application, trying to find the right words to describe my expectations (ultimately ‘a promising balance between theory and research’). … Continue reading


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