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MUNPlanet: The Ultimate Model United Nations Community

MUNPlanet is not only the best place on the web for knowledge exchange on United Nations topics, but also a platform to read the latest news and ideas on entrepreneurship, youth leadership, sustainable technology and many more future and present world leaders issues.

Therefore, I want to share this global and unique opportunity with you. MUNPlanet enable you to find answers on your questions, read interesting posts and contribute with your own, find a job opportunity in almost every corner of the world and apply for an unlimited number of MUN and global events. For me MUN Planet is a great platform to share my ideas and learn from others. It is an unique experience for future global leaders and entrepreneurs.

Whether you are a student or an actual policy leader or entrepreneur,  MUNPlanet is the right place to exchange your ideas. You can also find opportunities to improve your resumé and a lot of people to network with. For me it is a platform to open debates and make questions. I have shared my ideas and knowledge with everyone in the community and I have also learned a lot from others perspectives. Debating with someone from an absolutely different “world” will enrich you more than any formal education can ever do. Thus, MUNPlanet is the education of the 21st century.

Just give it a try and thank me later.

(Author: Emiliano Dominguez)

Just give a try and you will thank me later.



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