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traumhelm – bicycle helmet of your dreams

At the moment two friends of ours, Lisa and Florian, are nominated at the well-known German start-up competition called Gründer-Garage, an initiative by Google for Entrepreneurs and Stiftung Entrepreneurship, with their idea “traumhelm”. They both want to change the image we all currently have of bicycle helmets and therefore we asked them a couple of questions related to their idea.

[elbenomics]: Hello Lisa and Florian. Today many start-ups focus on apps, websites or technology, but how did it come that you wanted to work with bicycle helmets?

[Florian]: We see a significant need in that market for a change. Riding the bike is as popular as it has never been before. People use their bikes to cruise through the city, ride to work or simply hit the supermarket. Even though we are all aware of the hazards of the city traffic we still mostly don’t wear a bicycle helmet. And why? … You know the answer! Most helmets out there look terrible, are clunky and have an extremely sporty appearance -They mostly convey the message that you would start the “Tour de France” right now [laughs].

So what does traumhelm do differently than existing bicycle helmet companies?

[Lisa]: We believe, there definitely has to be a better way! Attractiveness and safety should not be mutually exclusive. Our product traumhelm offers cyclists and e-bike drivers an attractive, affordable and safe bicycle helmet in the form of a stylish hat. All helmets by traumhelm are customizable with different cover hat designs, such as classical, retro, modern and many more styles. And there is even more, you and every other customer can become one of the creators of a helmet as we will do a co-creation contest and the best design will be produced. Besides the design we of course take our customer’s safety very serious and this is why all of our helmets will be produced in Europe with regards to EU safety norms.

That sounds very interesting. And who is going to buy your bicycle helmets?

[Florian]: People like you and me! We believe that an attractive and safe helmet is a good choice for every cyclist, but still we focus in the beginning on four target groups: The biggest and overruling group are fashion-concious adults. More in particular we will additionally address business people, mums and dads, and the generation gold (50+).

So I see, you have a concrete plan in mind for traumhelm. What are your next steps and what skills will help you to achieve your goals?

[Florian]: We have both been working for different companies and startups in Europe and did our master’s degree in Entrepreneurship in Sweden and Canada. The combination of our practical as well as theoretical experience helped us find the right business idea which matches our skills, believes and our passion.

[Lisa]: Right now we are nominated at the business idea competition Gründer-Garage and besides the competition there are tons of tasks and things for us to do. The most important steps for us are to find a helmet production partner in Europe, organize the future crowdfunding and to build an appealing webshop. If you like our project and want to stay up-to-date you can follow us, give feedback and vote for us at our Gründer-Garage website.



One thought on “traumhelm – bicycle helmet of your dreams

  1. In the meantime, Lisa and Florian launched their website and Facebook group. Check out http://www.traumhelm.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/traumhelm ~ Ben

    Posted by Ben | October 9, 2014, 6:47 pm

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