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Introducing HPAIR Ambassador ‘Ploy’

It was a cold evening during the HPAIR Conference 2014 at Harvard University. I remember sitting at a table with a bunch of other delegates at Dolphin, a seafood restaurant serving delicious lobsters (not dolphins!), in Boston. We didn’t talk much about the local cuisine, but had funny conversations about the advantages of various European economies. Ploy was sitting three places next to me. Besides being a brilliant talker, she is addicted to cooking and sustainable food. She also works as a Conference Ambassador for the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations.

PloyPloy Khunisorn
Age: 25
University: Harvard University
Field of study: Sustainability and Environmental Management

[elbenomics]: Ploy, what is your favourite meal?

[Ploy]: I love spicy seafood salad!

Your recently launched a website for people that want to learn cook thai food (www.preciouslifestyles.com). Please tell us a little bit more about your target group and your future aspirations.

My target group is people who love cooking regardless of types of cooking. I would like to share my cooking experiences, especially with Thai food, to my friends and people who are interested in Thai food.

Besides cooking, what else do you do in your spare time?

I love cooking, traveling, and sharing good things to my friends. I love living my life! My website is for sharing what I love and what I do. Therefore, if I have spare time, I will review what I have experienced, including my lifestyles.

As a Conference Ambassador for the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations you also support the organisation of the upcoming Asia Conference in Tokyo. What are your expectations for the conference?

Unfortunately, I have a time conflict with the HPAIR Tokyo conference. I could not make it this time. I hope that I will attend other conferences in both the USA and Asia. However, even though I could not attend the Tokyo conference, I support the HPAIR by promoting the conference on my Facebook and spreading the words to my friends.




One thought on “Introducing HPAIR Ambassador ‘Ploy’

  1. The new Facebook Fanpage of Ploy’s Kitchen can be found under https://www.facebook.com/ployskitchen

    Posted by Ben | February 22, 2015, 7:25 pm

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