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I have not been very active here lately, which is mainly due to exams, job applications and master thesis. While I am conducting qualitative interviews with NGOs and the bottled water industry, some of my fellow students are doing surveys. It would be great if some of you could find the time to take part in their research. Below you will find a brief description of their topics and a link to the respective survey.

Brooke (MLitt Marketing)
My research is about the image of perfume advertisement. Everyone is invited to fill in the questionnaire. It is very short and won’t spend more than 5 minutes. Thank you so much!”


“In addition, there is another questionnaire about perfume buying behavior. If you are interested in consumer’s perfume choice, please fill in this questionnaire and I might invite you to my focus group!”


Marius (MLitt Finance & Management)
“My research is about the interrelationship between financial literacy, numeracy, and risk tolerance. Everybody can participate, whether you have a finance/economics background or not. The survey takes between 10 and 20 minutes and should be completed without the help of the internet or other outside sources. A calculator is not required for any of the questions. Pen and paper might be helpful, however.”


Mellissa (MLitt Managing in the Creative Industries)
To those of you who have completed an unpaid internship in the fashion industry – I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill in this survey for my dissertation research. It is a short questionnaire, and should only take you between 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you very much!!”



(Last Updated: July 19)



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