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Reflecting on happiness

It seems that we are smarter, healthier, prettier and more connected with the world than ever before. We were raised with the idea that we can do anything we want and should aim for the sky. We graduate with fantastic degrees from even more fantastic universities followed by a magnificent career at an impressive multinational. This order, however, is not always clear, and life does not always go according to plan. In my opinion the aim should be different, it should not focus on the structure, order or the persistence of having a career at a certain period or level. The aim in life should be to have a career that makes you happy, a career that adds value and purpose to your existence, not to your bank account. A happy career will make you flourish in all other aspects in life, and a happy life will make your career move forward. If you think I have a point here, then you should definitely listen to ‘The happy secret to better work’ by Shawn Anchor on TEDx.

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