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Introducing HPAIR Ambassador ‘Riddhima’

We have already wrote a couple of times about the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) in the past, but due to popular demand we decided to also focus on the upcoming HPAIR 2014 Harvard Conference, for which you can still apply until December, 15th. Traditionally, the organizing committee consists of students of Harvard University only. However, a new initiative called HPAIR Conference Ambassador Program allows external students to support the organizing committee and faculty, particularly in regard to marketing and communications.

Riddhima from India is one of the HPAIR Conference Ambassadors. We asked her about her tasks and the benefits of being part of this initiative.


Riddhima Sharma
Age: 22
University: K.C. Law College, Mumbai University
Field of study: Law

[elbenomics]: Hello Riddhima, please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you heard about HPAIR.
[Riddhima]: Hi, I’m Riddhima, a law student from Mumbai, India. I first heard of HPAIR through some facebook advertisements on a conference opportunities page. I went through their website and decided to apply for it since it sounded interesting.

A few days ago you were appointed as a Conference Ambassador for the upcoming Harvard Conference. What are your main tasks?
A Conference Ambassador for the HPAIR Conference is expected to actively promote the event, hold class discussions and recruit prospective candidates. Also, we are required to write concise articles on issues facing Asia. This is basically to test our knowledge of socio-economic and political scenario prevailing in the Continent.

What is your expectation for the conference and why would you recommend other students to apply as a delegate?
There is a lot to gain here. I’m expecting an intellectually stimulating environment and hoping to widen my horizon. Every time you meet new people from around the world, you discover some new perspectives towards common problems and how to overcome them. The level of discussions and quality of debate will be high and every delegate will surely take away a lot more than he/she came with in terms of knowledge and ideas.




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