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Inc42 – A Platform for Indian Start-up’s

A few weeks ago I got to know Naren from India. Naren and a friend of his run a website about entrepreneurship, which I personally find very interesting. Moreover, they have just re-launched it with a new design. Besides, they already have more than 3,000 Likes on Facebook. Let’s hear what Naren has to share with us.


[elbenomics]: Hello Naren. Please briefly explain your business to our readers.
[Naren]: Inc42 is a social platform for young startups (even in the idea stage), to interact and flourish with a passionate community. With all our features and our extremely enthusiastic team, we aim to solve all your start-up problems and promote your brainchild when it’s ready for the world!

As a part of our tool box we have built a startup magazine and services part till now. We are coming up with more interesting products soon.

You are student at BITS Pilani, a well-known Institution of higher education in India. I also know that you participate in quite some student conferences around the world. So how do you manage to have content on your website?
BITS Pilani has a flexible curriculum which is really an advantage to me. I feel startups is all about prioritizing things and having a perfect team. I keep coordinating with my co-founder Utkarsh Agarwal and other team members regarding the work trough Mail, Facebook and Asana (Project management website) while I am out of station. I really feel lucky to have such a co-founder. It really does matter.

Where do you see your business in three years from now. And what will be your function?
Our vision is to build a one stop platform for all the startups be it Resources, Building network, Online incubator, web services and deals. I mainly deal with Marketing and operations wing of the company where as my co-founder deals with Technical as well as business development wing of the company.

Make sure you visit their website by clicking here.




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