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Introducing HPAIR Organizer “Krisha”

As part of our detailed coverage of HPAIR AConf 2013, today we would like to present you one of the “faces” behind the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations in 2013, Krisha. Krisha was not only leading the team of the American University of Dubai, but is also known as a fabulous speaker. As before, we stick to our principles and asked her as few as three questions.


Krisha Mehta
Age: 20
University: The American University in Dubai
Field of study: Finance

[elbenomics]: Hello Krisha, please briefly describe your role at HPAIR.
[Krisha]: HPAIR Asia Conference is a partnership between the Harvard Organizing Committee and the Host Country Organizing Committee. I’m the Executive Director for the American University in Dubai Organizing Committee. The entire conference is planned and executed in collaboration with the Harvard organizing committee; you can imagine the number of emails and long Skype conversations that must have passed between our teams!

Why do you think Dubai was the perfect location for HPAIR AConf 2013?
Lately, there’s been a lot of focus on the Middle East on the world platform and since the conference has never been to this region it was a perfect opportunity for the conference to extend it’s horizons and come to Dubai, which provides a perfect blend of the West and the East and is truly a melting pot of cultures.

If you had the chance to decide on the location for the next HPAIR Asia Conference, which city would that be and why?
I think the location of the host city not just depends on the city but more importantly on the bidding committee and university. We were fortunate to have the full support of the American University in Dubai and have an extremely talented and dedicated team. As long as these two elements are present any city can host a successful conference.



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