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Introducing HPAIR Delegate “Jobee”

During HPAIR AConf 2013, which took place from August 22-27 in Dubai and about which we reported earlier, we got the chance to talk to some of the delegates, speakers and organizers behind the conference. During this event it became obvious once more that life is about people. Therefore we would like to introduce some of these people to you.

We start with Jobee, one of the 500 selected delegates at this year’s conference.

Jose BernardoHPAIR-Jobee “Jobee” Pacis
Age: 25
Position: Delegate at HPAIR AConf 2013
University: Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan)
Field of study: Management/Business Administration

[elbenomics]: Where did you first get to know about HPAIR and why did you choose the Business Leadership panel?
[Jobee]: I have a cousin who graduated from Harvard, and his family told me about the HPAIR Harvard Conference for February 2012. I applied, got accepted, and truly enjoyed the experience. Since then, I attended two more conferences in Taipei last August 2012, and more recently, Dubai. I chose the Business Leadership panel because I have always been interested in the business world, especially in the Asian region, ever since college. Everything from my education and my work experience is deeply rooted in business leadership. I’m also about to start my MBA in Tokyo next month, and I felt that I needed to brush up on current trends in the business world before starting the program.

Please tell us more about your most memorable moment at HPAIR AConf 2013.
International Night has always been my favorite part of HPAIR. Even though the countries are the same, delegates always think up of something new that would showcase their countries’ culture and tradition. There were also new booths from Cyprus, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East, countries which had no booths in the past HPAIR conferences I attended. The performances were also more diverse, fun, and interactive this year.

If you had the chance to be invited to a face-to-face meeting with one of the speakers, who would and that be and what would be your first/last questions you would ask this person?
That speaker would be Dr. Haitham Solh, speaker of my favorite seminar, which was about Mathematics and Education. It was very informative and it really showed how technology and the correct use of it can give an edge to students. I would ask him what he thought of the current state of Math and Education in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines (my home country), and then ask him what feasible ways the country could be on par with the top countries.




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