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Welcome to Elbenomics

Dear Fellows,

on behalf of Elbenomics, I am pleased to welcome you to our brandnew blog.

This blog will present you everything related to Economics and Business that we regard noteworthy. So we recommend to check it out on a regular basis, because that might be a lot of stuff! Certainly, there already exist thousands of websites, which assail you with stock market trends, company news, recent start-up funding and buy-outs, articles on financial or political crises, as well as career platforms. Besides, there are just a handful of good blogs. That’s why we have launched Elbenomics: We want to offer you more!

We are no think tank, however. It’s not our mission to neoterize Economics. Elbenomics that’s just us. It’s a mix of the words Economics and Elbe. Elbe? Yes, that’s the name of the beautiful river, which passes the even more beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany. And we love our home city!

Our aim is to draw your attention to specific articles or books that we have read ourselves. We will confront people on the streets with thrilling questions, listen to them, and discuss their answers with you. That’s real business. We will talk to CEO’s, founders and owners of small shops and large enterprises, visit conferences and workshops around the world. Finally our writers will share their personal opinions and impressions with you.

Moreover, the people behind Elbenomics have a large network of peope who are studying for their Master’s/MBA degree or have graduated recently. Thus, we will certainly also address study and university related stuff every once in a while.

Feel free to join our discussions, let us know about the things you would like to read more, or what you would improve if you could.






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